Why company’s choose wireless networks

While all internet connections in the past were wired, the modern business has the ability to choose between wired and wireless connections. Given the choice, most modern companies and individuals are opting for the latter and they have good reasons for doing so.
The digital world is mobile and wireless connections provide the convenience that users need. Most people today access the internet through a variety of devices. They could use a desktop at home or in the office, use their laptops when visiting clients and then use their other mobile devices such as tablets to access the internet when travelling. Using a wireless connection helps people use these varying devices conveniently.
More cost effective and efficient
When the computer network in an office is connected through cables, a lot of work will need to done to add a new work station – cables will have to added and re-routed. Any changes in the office arrangements will also call for this time-wasting ritual.
When the connection is wireless, you do not need to waste time and money on cabling – a new user is simply added on the server and that is it. For a company that is experiencing fast growth, this is important for the need to scale up the computing infrastructure might arise often and having to engage technicians too often might prove expensive and time wasting.
A wireless network ultimately improves the efficiency of the work force as all tasks are carried out in real time. If you have an employee gathering info in the field, the employee can prepare the necessary reports when out of the office and immediately forward them to other workers in the office for immediate action. The employee does not need to waste time creating drafts before coming to the office to prepare the final report. Since all workers are permanently connected any questions can be raised and answered immediately thereby saving the company precious time.
Useful for clients
There are plenty of times when a client will visit your office to discuss a problem and then he or she discovers that they need to make reference to some document that is held in a laptop or other mobile device. With a wireless connection in place, the client will immediately access the info they need so that they do not have to go back to their offices. This not only saves your time but it improves your relationship with the client.  Cheers to our monthly contributor CDA Window Cleaning